Improve your strategic advantage with PEPPOL

The Pan-European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) project allows companies to trade with any public and private organisations in Europe. Required for all EU businesses by November 2018, PEPPOL focuses on simplifying, standardising, accelerating and reducing the cost of the EU related supply chain. Beyond connecting you to common processes, standards and interoperable technologies with our PEPPOL Gateway, IBM PEPPOL enables process efficiency, innovative development and simplified communications exchange so that you can trade and grow business with partners of any size or technical expertise.

Efficient transition to PEPPOL

Our EAI and EDI expertise covers unique skills in PEPPOL standards so you can comply with requirements while maintaining focus on your business.

Eliminate trading silos

Avoid lengthy onboarding and use a single format to trade easily through PEPPOL, with additional connections to existing EDI or VANS networks.

AS2/AS4 security and automated trails

The PEPPOL standard includes message-level response automation for shipping notifications, invoices and more. Monitor using email, web portal or ERP.

End-to-end PEPPOL services

IBM consultants can manage and monitor projects of all sizes. We provide infrastructure, support, conversion, reporting, development, partner connections, connections to any network and more.

Native language support

IBM Services include Helpdesk Support expertise in more than 50 languages, and is the only commercial sector member of the OpenPEPPOL Management Committee.

Key benefits of IBM PEPPOL Services include:

  • Connect once, communicate everywhere
  • Enhance standardisation across all devices
  • Improve visibility with automatic track and trace
  • Rely on IBM expertise