What can the Metal C compiler do for your business

IBM® Enterprise Metal C for z/OS® exploits the latest z/Architecture®, including the latest IBM z14™ servers. It enables development of high-performing business applications and system programs on z/OS, while maximizing hardware use and improving application performance. Enterprise Metal C for z/OS delivers a high-level language alternative to writing programs in assembly and creates low-level, freestanding, and Language Environment independent applications with high performance. It strengthens the z/OS platform, leverages IBM optimization technology, and includes world-class IBM support.

Reduced development costs

Reduces development costs by lowering dependencies on scarce High Level Assembler (HLASM) skills.

Increased return on investments

Improves application performance with leading-edge optimization technology and exploitation of the latest IBM Z® systems.

Improved productivity

Delivers a high-level language alternative to writing programs in HLASM. Developers don't need to manage the use of registers or manually tune assembler instruction sequences.

System programming capabilities

Allows using C syntax to develop system programs and low-level free-standing applications on z/OS that can use advanced optimization technology.

Language Environment independent

The generated optimized HLASM source code is Language Environment independent, and the C runtime is not required for execution. The resulting programs provides direct access to z/OS System Services.

Metal C compiler key features

  • High-level language alternative to HLASM
  • Language Environment independent
  • Advanced optimization technology
  • Exploitation of the latest z/Architecture

Which option is right for you?

  • Enterprise Metal C for z/OS Trial

    A no-charge, fully functional trial product for developers and allows for non-production use for 90 days.

  • Enterprise Metal C for z/OS

    A licensed, fully functional product for enterprise clients' production use with world-class IBM support.

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