What it can do for your business

IBM Cloud Migration Services help you take full advantage of the inherent benefits of cloud computing without adding IT resources. Using best-in-class tools and automation, a worldwide team of experienced, highly trained engineers can assess your applications’ affinity for cloud deployment to optimize the migration launch, streamline data collection through agentless technology and provide expertise designed to reliably perform migration of x86 workloads. You can also customize the migration to match your need for speed, agility, availability and cost reduction with a pay-as-you-go operating expense model.

Jump-start your hybrid cloud journey

The services use automation and industry-leading tools designed to rapidly assess application affinity for migration. Standardized execution of discovery, planning and migration also help save time.

Save time and cost

Agentless technology helps simplify data collection and access to IBM quick-start templates and techniques can streamline migration strategy, event planning and testing, saving time and costs.

Customized for your business need

Opt for a stand-alone service or service that complements other migration services. You can select from three modular offerings that use pay-as-you-go, consumption-based, fixed-cost-per-image pricing.

Increase agility

The services help you create a plan to migrate workloads as you need them under timelines based on what your specific projects demand.

Gain consistency for users

IBM tools and techniques are designed to provide a consistent user experience when it comes to executing discovery, planning and migration.

Rely on global cloud expertise

IBM offers robust lifecycle support across common cloud migration scenarios and a global reach with industry-leading tools, expertise and methods based on thousands of successful migrations.

Explore 4 ways IBM Cloud Migration Services can help you

  • The Discover module offers a quick start
  • Experience enriches the Migrate module
  • Migrate Plus handles the whole journey
  • Expertise extends across the cloud

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