Discover what IBM FlashSystem 9100 can do for your business

IBM® FlashSystem® 9100 combines the performance of flash and Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) end-to-end with the reliability and innovation of IBM FlashCore® technology and the rich features of IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ — all in a powerful 2U enterprise-class storage system. Providing intensive data driven multicloud storage capacity, FlashSystem 9100 is deeply integrated with the software defined capabilities of IBM Spectrum Storage™ allowing you to easily add in the multicloud solutions that best support your business.
IBM FlashSystem 9100

Accelerate business execution

Unlock the value of your data and accelerate business execution with end-to-end NVMe-powered IBM FlashCore technology.

Increase ROI

Transform IT infrastructure while increasing ROI by leveraging the power of IBM Spectrum Virtualize to extend a rich set of data services across all your storage systems.

Reduce costs

Lower costs and store more data in the same footprint with 3D TLC flash and powerful data reduction pools.

Keep data safe and secure

Secure valuable data assets with multidimensional on-premises and cloud-based data protection and business continuity solutions.

Optimize storage efficiency

Use IBM cognitive Storage Insights to optimize storage efficiency and help prevent problems before they occur.

Six 9s Availability

Gain the highest levels of availability to support your mission-critical applications.

Key features of IBM FlashSystem 9100

  • Six 9s data availability
  • Flexibility at the core
  • Multicloud and container capabilities
  • IBM Spectrum Virtualize
  • Extended system capabilities
  • Intelligent support
  • A single platform
  • Peace of mind
  • Performance with NVMe end to end
  • Transform CAPEX to OPEX

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