Key features of IBM Explorer for z/OS

IBM repository of compatible products

Enables integration with popular z/OS® tools offerings including IBM Application Delivery Foundation for z Systems®, IBM CICS® Explorer, and IBM CICS tools, via an IBM Installation Manager’s composite repository or an Eclipse p2 composite Update Site. z/OS Explorer can provide a single Eclipse environment with the ability to administer an IBM CICS TS environment in conjunction with development and problem analysis tools.

Application development

Provides collaborative development and change management capabilities along with plug-ins for CICS, problem determination, and data management tools.

Connectivity to z/OS

Connect directly through File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and z/OSMF V1.13 or higher. View and manipulate data sets and UNIX® file and folders, submit jobs and view their spool output. Install Remote System Explorer to access a richer set of functions to work with data sets, UNIX files, and jobs.

Remote System Explorer (RSE)

Content provided by the Remote System Explorer communicates with the host component using a user ID and password, or a client-side SSL certificate. z/OS Explorer allows expansion into the UNIX file system, data sets, jobs and TSO.

Push-to-client technology

Improve the experience of maintaining IBM Eclipse-based offerings built on z/OS Explorer with push-to-client technology that enables a system administrator to set up a policy to enable all connecting workbenches to be updated upon connection to the server. Simplify the task of deploying maintenance of plug-ins. The centrally managed policy ensures all users are using the right level of plug-ins based on the policy and frequency of updates required.

Smart JCL editor

Smart JCL editor offers syntax highlighting and checking as well as auto-completion support working with Job Control Language.

TSO command console

The TSO command console enables users to issue TSO commands. It can be launched through RSE to accept TSO command input and show the results.


z/OS Explorer is available for use by all customers with a license for a supported version of z/OS. Third-party software vendors and customers can integrate their plug-ins with z/OS Explorer with no IBM product dependency, other than z/OS.

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