What Tivoli Asset Discovery for zSystems can do for business

Inspecting licenses versus deployment works for distributed software, but is not sufficient for IBM Z®, as IBM Z products are shared by users and business units. IBM Tivoli® Asset Discovery for zSystems® provides asset discovery, monitoring and reporting to understand IBM Z product and application usage. You can use it with Tivoli Asset Management for IT to manage the full-life cycle of hardware and software assets including software license and contracts management. You can also add IBM Tivoli Asset Discovery for Distributed for an end-to-end software asset management solution.
IBM Tivoli Asset Discovery for zSystems

Automatic discovery and identification

Get automatic discovery and identification of IBM and third party software running on the IBM Z platform.

High speed scanning

Leverage high speed scanning and in house application tagging to ensure that you have a complete inventory of everything on your system without a lot of overhead.

Plan for capacity needs

Monitor software usage and related growth so you can proactively plan for future capacity needs.

Advanced reporting

Generate interactive reports that provide convenient hyperlink drill down for more details.

Reduce costs

Lower costs by removing unused and obsolete software.