Feature spotlights

Feature-rich, easy-to-use web interface

A single web interface provides consolidated access and easy navigation across nodes, folders and files. Direct drag-and-drop transfer among shares allows users to move files among globally distributed locations with ease and speed. Powerful search capabilities locate the files or folders needed and initiate a high-speed file upload or download. Operations can be performed on a single or collection of files and folders and all actions are logged and viewable in the activity feed.

A consolidated, transparent view of content

IBM® Aspera® Shares enables deployment as a single server solution or a separate web application that can consolidate multiple server nodes into a single view. It allows management of user access and file transfers across all nodes while hiding the physical location from the user and provides exceptional flexibility for where digital content is stored.

Comprehensive security and access model

Administrators have a granular control over which Shares, directories and files each user can access, as well as the operations the user is allowed to perform. The security model is administered through a single management point combining authorization, user management and access control. It integrates fully in other Aspera client, server and other applications using a Shares user login and access control.

A highly scalable solution

Shares supports large, high-speed transfers of single files, individual directories, or batches of files and directories of virtually any size regardless of transfer distance. It provides greater flexibility and scalability with a multi-tiered architecture that decouples Shares from the content file stores and underlying transfer servers or nodes. Shares supports server nodes deployed in data centers, or private, public or hybrid clouds with a single web interface that consolidates all content.

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