What it can do for your business

IBM® Aspera® Drive enables teams to quickly and securely share and exchange large files and directories directly from the desktop. Built on the patented Fast, Adaptive and Secure Protocol (FASP), Aspera Drive enables high-performance transfer and synchronization of files and data sets of virtually any size, at maximum speed over any distance, regardless of network conditions, with full access control, privacy and security.

Digital assets exchange

Secure transfer of files and folders of any size between users across the globe via desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Distributed team collaboration

Fast, efficient exchange of large files or entire project folders between distributed teams using a familiar email-style workflow.

Global browser-based data distribution

Distribute data internally or externally from a centralized repository while restricting each user’s views to specific files or folders.

Central access to multiple clouds

Use a single interface to view and manage content distributed across various cloud storage systems, whether public or private.

Team and third-party content gathering

Securely gather data by enabling each contributor to upload files or directories into a one repository with controlled access to certain directories.

Key features

  • High-performance transfer and synchronization
  • Integrated desktop design
  • Powerful security and access model
  • Innovative architecture
  • Advanced domain management and storage transfer capabilities

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