Feature spotlights

Work Order Tracking

Perform every function related to Work Order processing with ease. With automated workflow processes and simplified screens, a Work Order can be quickly progressed through its lifecycle. This includes quality assurance and approval release of all work ensuring users enter the right information at the right time.

Deferral Management

If work cannot be completed in the planned timeframe, create a Deferral at the click of a button. The Deferral passes through the relevant reviews, escalating up the reporting chain and is subject to a Risk Assessment prior to being approved. This staged workflow prevents Work Orders from falling into Backlog Reports.

Management of Change

To better control and improve the quality of data held within Maximo, the Maximo Accelerator template offers a process for planning, reviewing, approving, and implementing changes. This drives more efficient operations and ensures safer working conditions and operational compliance.

Reporting/Start Centers

To ensure the expected work is always known to a user, the Maximo Accelerator template contains dedicated start centers configured for each role or function. Designed to stop the ‘cherry picking’ of work, Start Centers make use of graphs, lists and colour-coding to flag items at the top of your to-do list, KPI trends, and areas that present risk.

Customer case study

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CNR International extracts more value from maintenance processes

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