Your customers need assurance that their data is safe, and your services will remain available and fulfilled instantly. Your company wants to understand and connect with customers at a deeper level, and in near real time. IBM mainframes help you accomplish these goals.

Hybrid cloud

IBM Z is the only platform to offer 100% encryption of all application and cloud service data, meaning that you get unparalleled cloud security that keeps your sensitive data safe.


When a single data breach costs $3.86 million, you quite literally can’t afford anything but the ironclad security and complete data encryption of IBM mainframes.


The business world moves fast, and your IT infrastructure needs to be able to respond with great speed and versatility. IBM mainframes give you the availability that’s required to stay resilient in an evolving environment.

Why mainframe – and why now?

IDC outlines the business value of mainframe for digital transformation.

IBM mainframe server offerings

IBM Z® mainframes deliver the world’s best security and reliability, with millisecond response times, hybrid cloud deployment, and performance at scale.

IBM z14

The new z14 single frame and z14 dual frame mainframes enable the ultimate protection for your data, simplify compliance, and offer a robust cloud data center platform. With machine learning on z14, you can capture insights in real time.

IBM z13

This earlier generation speeds insight, offers scale, and protects transactions with the reliability you expect from the IBM mainframe.

IBM z13s

The capabilities of the z13 in a smaller footprint, at a more affordable price. It’s a lower entry point for a highly available and secure system for hybrid cloud and real-time analytics.  

Mainframe OS

IBM Z mainframes run on a variety of operating systems: z/OS®, Linux on Z, z/VSE®, z/TPF, and the z/VM® hypervisor.

With IBM Z, you gain a highly scalable and secure IT infrastructure – on premises, off premises, or provisioned as-a-service – to deliver trusted digital experiences for your customers.

Mainframe technologies

The mainframe is constantly being reimagined and reinvented for the newest applications at their highest scale of deployment. Accelerate your organization’s growth with high-performing enterprise IT features for analytics, blockchain, secure data management, operational excellence, and enterprise DevOps.

Mainframe software

Software for trusted digital experiences on the IBM mainframe.

Make the most of your investment in the IBM Z platform with more than 100 applications, from analytics to data management and security.


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