Think Summit CEE October 13-14

#ThinkCEE Join and learn to lead in the era of hybrid cloud and AI

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Think Summit CEE October 13-14

#ThinkCEE Join and learn to lead in the era of hybrid cloud and AI

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New data is being created at an astonishing and ever-accelerating rate. The only way to harness this data and use it to drive digital transformation is through the agility of hybrid cloud and the insights provided by AI.

Join IBM for Think Summit CEE and see how our open approach to cloud computing and our extensive AI capabilities can help you meet this challenge — no matter where your data lives.

• During this Think Summit, you’ll discover how IBM’s hybrid cloud approach is helping to overcome the challenges that prevent companies from moving to the cloud.

• You’ll also learn how a second key technology - AI can play a vital role in the way we all do business.

• Our new digital experience platform will enable you to personalize your experience, network with peers and directly engage with our IBM Experts on hand to help with almost anything.

Get inspired and begin your digital transformation today!

Meet the thinkers and doers who are changing the world

Think Summit CEE speakers are visionaries, innovators and game changers. Hear from today's brightest minds in keynotes, roadmap sessions, Trends & Directions talks and speaker chats.

Think Summit Agenda

9:20 CET Welcome to CEE Think Summit (in English) Wolfgang Wendt - General Manager Central and Eastern Europe, IBM
Iris Dzeba - Vice President, Technology Leader, IBM Technology Sales, CEE, IBM
Wolfgang and Iris will discuss how IBM is helping clients in Central and Eastern Europe accelerate their digital transformation and innovate using IBM's hybrid cloud and AI platform underpinned by security.
9:35 CET A day in the life at the IBM Security Command Center (in English) Adam Przybylak - Site Leader, IBM Security
Zhanna Hula - Advisory Investigate Analyst, XFTM, IBM Security
Sebastian Grajkowski - Client Security Delivery Executive, IBM Security
Benjamin Jurczok - Cyber Threat Responder, IBM Security
Mateusz Reczek - Global Shift Lead, MSS Device Monitoring Team, IBM Security
Since 2012, IBM has operated a highly successful and capable security operations center (SOC) in Wroclaw. This has been rehoused in a facility with three times more space than the original. It allows us to expand our team of 160 people here, which is set to grow by 20 to 25 percent, and also gives us the space to host clients and partners who wish to see how our teams keep their businesses safe.
9:40 CET Accelerate your digital transformation with IBM: Client Stories (in English) Nikolay Tiden - Chief Data Scientist & Data Officer, Sales Network Block, Sberbank
Magdalena Kaczmarek - Sales Department Director / Energy & Gas Division, Asseco
Michal Swietek - CEO, Hlif
Alexey Bogomolov - Head of IT department, MEDSI
Arkadiusz Stacherski - Project Manager in the Energy and Gas Division, Asseco Poland S.A.
Anna Misztal - Administration Manager, DCT
Olaf Pospischil - Vice President of Product Development, IBPM
Ákos Tájnel - Partnerships Manager, VCC Live
Get insight into how other successful peers and companies have used IBM solutions with best-of-industry references across Central and Eastern Europe: Sberbank, Asseco, MEDSI, DCT and IBPM, VCC Live.
10:05 CET Building a Sustainable Enterprise (in English) Elisabeth Goos - Partner, Enterprise Strategy & Sustainability
Paul Polman - Co-Author, Net Positive; former CEO, Unilever
To deliver on global sustainability targets the world needs scientific breakthroughs, technological innovations and global cooperation on a scale that has never been seen before. The consensus is clear; we have entered the decade for urgent action and we must accelerate the pace of innovation and bring practical solutions to market. However, the answers needed are complex -organisationsare struggling to find practical ways to respond to consumer, societal and regulatory pressures. This session discusses the opportunities and challenges organisationsface to reinvent themselves as a sustainable enterprise. Hear directly from Paul Polman on his experience as to how business can deliver long-term growth and be a force for good. No organisationcan fix this on their own -are you ready to play your part?
10:30 CET Pushing Boundaries: From the middle of the ocean to outer space (in English) Rosie Lickorish - Software Engineer, IBM Research
Major Tim Peake CMG - Astronaut
Brett Phaneuf - Director, Mayflower Autonomous Ship Project
In today’s environment, organisationsare continuously seeking ground-breaking innovations which extend capabilities to accelerate discovery and improve the way work gets done. From AI-powered Automation and Edge technologies to research hard to reach parts of the ocean, tothe use of AI and robotic technology to carry out new experiments in space; technology is the catalyst to push new boundaries. Hear from Astronaut Major Tim Peake CMG and the TheMayflower team, as they discuss two very different missions, with much more in common than you may think.
10:55 CET The virtual enterprise: Six ways modern businesses can become more open and agile – a fireside discussion with Ikea (in English) Jon O'Donnell - Managing Partner, GBS EMEA BTS Leader, IBM
Kristi Sweitzer - Senior Product Owner - Strategy and Business Planning Analytics, IKEA
Technology is transforming business models across the globe, creating new opportunities for growth and fresh benchmarks of cost and efficiency. As we place this revolution in the context of an increasingly virtual world, we see even more power arising from the ecosystems, digital workflows, and networked organisationsthat are made possible. The Virtual Enterprise is emerging, supported by a “Golden Thread” of value that animates the enterprise and binds ecosystem participants. Exploring IKEA’s own transformation journey, this session will cover the key building blocks to becoming a Virtual Enterprise.
11:15 CET AI-powered automation: technology transformation to emerge stronger and more resilient (in English) Emmanuel Treny - Automation Sales Leader EMEA, IBM
Lorenzo Rossi - CEO, Autostrade Tech
Selina Ünal - Senior Expert Project, Turkcell
Disruption inevitably provokes a sense of urgency to rethink and reinvent. Leading organisationsare investing in IBM Automation and AI technologies to meet regulatory requirements and deliver new and improved services that will ensure they emerge stronger and more prepared for the future. Join a fireside chat with Autostradeper l’Italiaand Turkcellto hear how placing Automation and AI at the heart of their technology transformation keeps them moving forward.
11:35 CET The Advance of the Sustainable Enterprise (in English) Sibusisiwe Makhanya - Research Scientist, IBM Research
Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi - Rebase Energy
Alejandro Blaas - Genaral Manager, Plataforma Tierra AS an initiative by Cajamar
From young tech start-ups to long-established banking institutions, sustainability is more than just a watch-word for forward-thinking enterprises in the 21st century –it’s a business imperative. A truly sustainable enterprise will anticipate future client needs using innovative business strategies whilst addressing positive social change and enhancing business performance. And exponential technology innovations unavailable to previous generations -AI, 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, blockchain and others —are accelerating progress. Join senior leaders from Plataforma Tierra AS, an initiative by Cajamar, and Rebase Energy to hear how themes of trust and transparency, openness and security, speed and scale sit at the core of decision-making in the sustainable enterprise.
11:55 CET Becoming Kyndryl (in English) James Rutledge - General Manager GTS Europe, IBM
Kyndryl will be a spin-off of IBM IT infrastructure services creating a new, independent and market leading company. Jamie Rutledge will explain what the creation of Kyndryl means for you, our customers. As a focused, independent company, we’re building on our foundation of excellence by creating systems in new ways. Bringing in the right partners, investing in our business, and working side-by-side with our customers to unlock potential. We’re raising the bar and advancing the critical infrastructure that powers human progress.