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Your CV deserves it! Get yourself an internationally accepted badge proving your achievement.

IBM Smarter University internship program opens the possibility for students to start building their professional life in a well-known international company and gives them an insight to a big corporate environment.

Internships Prague

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Start your career in IT, Consulting, Communication etc. with IBM Internship program in Prague. We are looking for people who are eager to develop themselves!

We are currently preparing an autumn run of internships, so keep an eye on this website and our LinkedIn profile for updates.

Internships Brno

group of students during teambuilding

Work on real projects in IBM Brno! Our Internship Program allows you to get a hands-on experience, trainings and your own mentor who helps you to grow your professional skills. We are looking for motivated candidates who bring real results.

Prepare yourself for the future with Academic Initiative Program

IBM Academic initiative is your free gateway to IBM tools, courses, and other resources. Be it artificial intelligence, quantum computing, cybersecurity, data science or other game-changing topics - we got you covered.

Get easy no-charge access to the tools you need to develop the next great thing. Get a competitive edge when applying to IBM Smarter University internships.

Types of assets
we provide

Cloud Access

Enhanced access to the IBM Cloud and select cloud based resources and applications, such as the Watson APIs and IBM Q Experience


Access to the same software used by our commercial customers leading to practical training for today’s jobs.

Courseware & eLearning

Access to courses and elearning portals covering technologies in modern and easy to consume format.

Further benefits


Write your thesis on practical topic. We do not bring you topics, we expect you to take initiative and suggest area you find motivational. We will help you find a mentor from IBM volunteer experts.

Digital Badges

IBM skills are recognized and valued around the world. Digital Badges demonstrate the level of proficiency and related technical skills a graduate has achieved. Move your C.V. to the next level with Digital Badges.

Job opportunities

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