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What is Watson Knowledge Studio?

IBM Watson Knowledge Studio is the ultimate tool for customizing your natural language processing (NLP) needs. It is a cloud-based application that enables developers and domain experts to teach Watson the language of their industry. Users train Watson by example, annotating sample documents with the information relevant to their domain. Watson Knowledge Studio is then able to train a machine learning model that can analyze new, unseen documents, thus scaling the knowledge of the domain experts.

How do I train Watson? What does that mean?

Watson Knowledge Studio uses machine learning to create domain-specific custom models, based on examples provided by the user. Users will select sample documents for their domain, and define entity types and relationships among them. For example, a user might create entity types for "CarModel," "Year" and a "MadeIn" relationship to connect them. To train Watson with Watson Knowledge Studio, you just have to annotate documents for it. With enough examples, your custom model will be able to analyze unstructured text in the same way."

What options are available for using my Watson Knowledge Studio custom model?

Watson Knowledge Studio models can be deployed directly into Watson Discovery, as well as Watson Natural Language Understanding. They can also be exported into Watson Explorer, but this option is not available for Free edition users.

Does Watson Knowledge Studio support uploading personally identifiable information (PII)?

Yes, all Watson Services are now officially ISO27001, ISO27017 and ISO27018 certified. PII can now be officially accepted in all deployment models (Standard, Premium and Dedicated) due to the ISO27108 certification. The only regulated PII Watson does not officially support is PHI (HIPAA) and PCI as these require their own certifications.

Is Watson Knowledge Studio on Marketplace being replaced by Watson Knowledge Studio on IBM Cloud? What will happen with my Watson Knowledge Studio projects on Marketplace?

Yes, it is being replaced. Watson Knowledge Studio projects will be available for a limited time, depending on the edition being used. Please refer to the migration page for information about how to move your Watson Knowledge Studio projects to the IBM Cloud. There, you can find multiple resources (documentation, video and blog post) that guide you through the migration process. Depending on the edition you are using, your instances will be shut down sometime in 2018. Please see the documentation for specific details.

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