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IBM® Cloud® helps meet the needs of the financial services industry for their mission-critical workload and data protection, with our compliance capabilities and industry-leading security. Developers can build applications in a secured environment using Red Hat® OpenShift® on IBM Cloud and modernize legacy systems to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and time to deployment.

Real world example

Mortgage company trims costs and accelerates regulatory compliance

Problem: A mortgage company processes 70 million records a day, but their on-premises system was slow and inaccurate, taking 6 – 9 weeks for major app upgrades. IT expenses were high, and hardware wasn't utilized fully.

Solution: To improve risk analysis, the company looked to Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud analytics services to reduce costs, increase availability and ultimately accelerate regulatory compliance. With Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud in multiple regions, apps can be containerized and deployed across the globe, improving availability and addressing local regulations.

Solution architecture

Solution architecture details

IBM Cloud Satellite extends Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud, creating a common infrastructure management layer across any number of on-prem, edge and multi-cloud environments.

Existing enterprise assets and app lifted-and-shifted while they enabled the integration to some on-premises systems that won't be migrated

Time-to-deploy solutions shortened and standard DevOps and monitoring processes implemented to address bugs that affected reporting accuracy

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Access all services in the solution from the IBM Cloud catalog when you create your IBM Cloud account.

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