What is IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud?

IBM Db2® Warehouse on Cloud™ is a fully-managed, high-performance, petabyte-scale cloud data warehouse that delivers true elasticity with independent scaling of storage and compute. It features a highly optimized columnar data store, actionable compression and in-memory processing to supercharge your analytics and machine-learning workloads.

What’s new for Db2 Warehouse on Cloud:​



Elastic scaling of compute and storage

Quickly burst on compute during peak demand on your warehouse. Scale compute back down when demand falls, so you only pay for what you use. Manage it through an intuitive user interface or REST API.

Expertly managed and highly secure

Your cloud data warehouse instance is managed, monitored, encrypted and backed up by IBM, so you can focus on data analysis instead of administration.

Self-service backup and restore

Schedule backups timed around and based on your business requirements. Retain up to seven backups that can be used to quickly restore your cloud data warehouse, if the need arises.

Built on the Db2 Common SQL Engine

Write SQL for your application or dashboard and deploy to any form factor, such as the IBM Integrated Analytics System.

Best of Db2 and IBM Netezza in a single warehouse engine

Db2 Warehouse on Cloud is nearly 100 percent compatible with IBM Netezza® and Oracle workloads for a seamless move to the cloud. For a select few cases, IBM offers migration services and free tooling.

In-database machine learning​

Train and run machine-learning models directly in the Db2 Warehouse engine, using SQL, Python or R. No data movement and no new skills are required.

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Elastic scaling

Optimize costs for your cloud data warehouse, while meeting the performance requirements for your business.

Quickly spin up data marts around the world

Offload your big data projects to a database optimized for the job and localize your data close to the organizations and teams that need it.

Adopt a multicloud strategy for your data warehouse​

Take advantage of elasticity, flexibility and agility with a fully managed cloud warehousing solution — available on the IBM Cloud and AWS.

Focus on data delivery, not administration

Reduce maintenance costs and lost time from administration. Focus on delivering high-quality analytics, while Db2 Warehouse on Cloud manages the back-end technology.

Analyze dynamic cloud data sets

Aggregate and keep the volumes of data that originate in the cloud — like mobile, web and IoT — in a cloud data warehouse.

Modernize your data warehouse

Bring higher levels of performance to your data warehouse and simplify technology processes with data virtualization, scalability and workload portability.

Migration assistance

IBM can help with migration assistance, licensing exchanges and special pricing.

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