Financial services

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Fight fraud

Conduct surveillance and prevent financial crimes with AI.

Enhance customer experiences

Personalize your services to maintain customer relationships and grow market share.

Manage risk and compliance

Support AI-infused data governance, risk management and regulatory compliance.

Energy and industrial

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Uncover value in subsurface data

Track what’s happening underground and build a complete data pipeline to drive business insights.

Avoid vendor lock-in

Use infrastructure-agnostic solutions for exploration and drilling with IBM Open Data for Industries and OSDU.

Cut emissions and carbon

Explore data and AI strategies that reduce carbon footprints, improve sustainability and digitalize operations.


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Monetize at the edge

Provide higher-value services with insights from edge analytics.

Boost operational efficiency

Save costs by monitoring network infrastructure and correcting malfunction.

Enhance customer experiences and lower churn

See how you can reimagine the way you serve customers with the help of AI.


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Save lives with predictive analytics

Highmark Health quickly builds a model from insurance claims data to predict sepsis.

Improve provider experiences

Humana cuts costly pre-service calls with conversational AI.

Tighten the security of patient data

Shift to new technologies to meet healthcare’s demand for agility and privacy.

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