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Data fuels digital transformation, and sixty-six percent of businesses have increased revenues due to AI adoption.¹ Yet many still struggle to infuse AI across their organizations at scale. Complex data landscapes limit agility,² while data silos and inconsistent data sets hinder AI implementation.

Simplify and automate how you collect, organize and analyze data with a unified data and AI platform, IBM Cloud Pak® for Data. Use intuitive, pre-integrated data management tools, data quality software and machine learning solutions. Empower your teams with self-service access to data while enabling data privacy and security and achieving data and AI governance. Run workloads on any cloud, using and paying only for what you need on a secure container management platform.

Best-in-class capabilities

Industry-leading IBM software

Benefit from IBM software, recognized as leading in 19 of 36 analyst reports on the data and AI market, more than any provider.

Enterprise-grade open source

Leverage popular, business-ready, open source frameworks, development tools and languages.

IBM Business Partner innovations

Customize with more than 50 data and AI services from a wide ecosystem.

Address critical business needs

Unify data

Person jumping from one ledge to another

Unify data

Overcome data silos and reduce the complexity of a hybrid cloud data landscape by accessing data securely at the source, without data movement.

Govern data and AI

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Govern data and AI

Enhance data compliance and trust in AI with built-in governance, model risk management, explainable AI, and clean and complete data.

Operationalize AI

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Operationalize AI

Enable self-service access to data and foster collaboration. Automate the AI lifecycle through ModelOps and empower people with varying skills to innovate faster with AI.

Protect and secure data

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Protect and secure data

Manage compliance with data lineage and access controls, a global policy management service, and workflows that enable collaboration between data governance and data security personnel.

Enhance customer care

Closeup view of a mobile device showing a chat with a bank

Enhance customer care

Simplify and deliver great customer experiences at scale with an AI-powered assistant that continuously learns from client conversations to resolve issues the first time.

What are clients and analysts saying?

[IBM] Cloud Pak for Data as a single platform brings powerful insights out of data spread across the enterprise, helps set the direction for business and leads the competition in their domain.

— Why Cloud Pak for Data is the right solution for our clients - Tech Mahindra

We saw an opportunity to help our clients navigate these uncertain times with AI-powered health and economic data: the COVID-19 Risk, Readiness and Recovery Dashboard.

— Michael Murray, President, Wunderman Thompson Data

“IBM Cloud Pak for Data provides an insight platform that combines data management with data science and AI development to help firms realize value.”

— New Technology: The Projected Total Economic Impact™ Of IBM Cloud Pak For Data

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¹” The state of AI in 2020 (Link resides outside IBM),” McKinsey & Company, 17 November 2020
²” Data 2020: State of Big Data Study (Link resides outside IBM),” SAP, 4 June 2019