Develop a mobile infrastructure to meet your business goals

IBM Workplace Consulting Services can help you establish a technology framework and strategy that aligns mobility efforts with business goals. Using proprietary tools, we can create actionable plans to help you identify, prioritize and justify mobile initiatives. Empower business users to do productive work, securely and safely, from almost anywhere for a cost that works for your company.

Identify strategic capabilities

An assessment of current infrastructure against key growth goals points the way toward workplace solutions that can drive cost savings while improving efficiency and user productivity.

Reduce costs

Develop a scalable, cost-effective mobile infrastructure at a pace and cost in line with business growth. Provide only the user capabilities you need for the best total cost of ownership (TCO).

Enable enhanced communications

Improve overall value of sales, delivery and productivity through enhanced connections among your employees, customers and suppliers.

Tailor a custom solution

Address specific needs and avoid waste. Our methodology enables smoother strategy implementation by developing a roadmap based on best practice, industry metrics and regulatory guidance.

Key features

  • Capitalize on available mobility opportunities
  • Develop a mobile strategy
  • Empower social business for enhanced communication
  • Create a complete roadmap for action
  • Choose from IBM engagement options