Feature spotlights

Reducing the costs to operate your edge based file gateway

myFileGateway provides trading partners and users self-service to help end dependency on IT staff. Extensive communications protocol support and the ability to scale on demand helps companies consolidate all their internet based file transfers on a single gateway which reduces cost-of-ownership.

Protecting your brand

IBM Secure Proxy helps companies protect their brand by leveraging multiple encryption standards which protect data at-rest or in-motion while optional DMZ based security provides multi-factor authentication to verify identities before a port is opened up thru your firewall.

Centrally manage the relationships with your B2B community

Partner Engagement Manager works in conjunction with IBM File Gateway to centralize the on-boarding and management of your partner relationships. Self-service on-boarding and campaigns help ensure that contact info and security certificates don't get out of date and cause process failures.

High availability operations

B2B advanced communications separate customer facing comms from core processing so partner documents continue to be received in the event of planned or unplanned outages while real-time file synchronization between regional data centers enables near-zero downtime in a disaster recovery situation. The load balancer uses location affinity to help direct partners to the closest data center and redirects them in the case of an outage.

Technical details

Software requirements

Software requirements for IBM File Gateway can be found here:

    Hardware requirements

    Hardware requirements for IBM File Gateway can be found here:

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