IBM IMS Administration Tool for z/OS details

Object management

View, add, and change DBDs, PSBs, and ACBs (interactively or batch), and perform mass import/export of objects, such as schema from copybooks, into the IMS™ catalog. Model new objects after existing objects for simplified IMS change management.

Catalog adoption and management

Adopt IMS catalog in a way that helps eliminate errors and frees staff for more critical assignments. Summary reporting of objects stored in the IMS catalog and the overall catalog state enable you to perform analysis and validation, helping you identify duplicate objects with different versions, orphaned objects, and catalog space issues.

Utility JCL generation

Implement JCL with one-time setup to enable users of any skill level to run and submit your IMS maintenance jobs and help ensure consistent JCL.

IMS command processing

Issue type-1 and type-2 commands (interactively or batch) and review responses, and use command groups to limit members in an IMSPLEX. You can store commands for issue on restart if the system is unavailable.

Auditing, event recording, and diagnostics

Browse and search the audit log by IMS ID, user ID, and date and time, including all DBA functions and commands issued through IBM® IMS Administration Tool.

Technical details

Software requirements

IBM IMS Administration Tools for z/OS® requires IBM z/OS, V2.1 (5650-ZOS) or later; IBM IMS Tools Base V1.6 (5655-V93); and one of the following versions of IBM IMS:

  • IBM IMS, V13.1 (5635-A04)
  • IBM IMS Database Value Unit Edition, V13.1 (5655-DSM)
  • IBM IMS, V14.1 (5635-A05)
  • IBM IMS Database Value Unit Edition, V14.1 (5655-DSE)

Hardware requirements

IBM IMS Administration Tools for z/OS operates on any IBM Z® hardware configuration that supports the required software.

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