What can IBM Spectrum Protect do for your business?

IBM Spectrum Protect™ can simplify data protection where data is hosted in physical, virtual, software-defined or cloud environments. With IBM Spectrum Protect, you can choose the right software to manage and protect your data—while also simplifying backup administration, improving efficiencies, delivering scalable capacity and enabling advanced capabilities. With superior virtual machine (VM) protection, IBM Spectrum Protect integrates with IBM Spectrum Protect Plus for fast and easy VM protection with searchable catalog and role-based administration.

Easy to use

Provides a single data protection platform and simplified administration for virtual and physical machines, using snapshots and backups.

Reduce costs and scalable software

Reduce backup infrastructure costs by up to 53 percent with scalable high performance delivered entirely in software.

Hybrid cloud and object stores

Meet your price and performance objectives with a wide choice of cloud and on-premises storage options.

Optimize data protection

Protects up to 4 petabytes of user data per instance and provides policy-based multi-site replication and flexible restore capabilities.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus integration

Simplify data recovery and access for virtual machines. IBM Spectrum Protect integrates with IBM Spectrum Protect Plus to offload copies for long-term storage and governance efficiently at scale.

Key Features

  • Automated deployment steps
  • Built-in cloud integration
  • Integration with IBM Spectrum Protect Plus
  • Scalable performance
  • Multi-site replication
  • Optimized data protection
  • Reduced backup infrastructure costs
  • Virtualized, software-defined infrastructures
  • A worldwide network of business partners