Provides an integrated complete case investigation solution

IBM Case Manager for Investigations provides an integrated software offering that accelerates deployment of solutions for several types of investigations, such as enterprise fraud management, law enforcement, public safety, intelligence, internal investigations, mergers and acquisitions, and risk assessment investigations. Case Manager for Investigations uses IBM Case Manager, IBM i2 Fraud Intelligence Analysis, and IBM Content Analytics to optimize fraud investigations and includes application templates, widgets, and shareable integration components to deploy highly shareable customized case investigation solutions.

Transforms the case management process

Empowers case investigators by providing persistent ability to capture and access key case content, task workflow and collaborative tools. Uses powerful analytics to drive informed decision making.

Offers seamless user experience

Delivers a consistent user experience across platforms anywhere. Reusable templates and shareable framework enables you to quickly tailor workflows for specific roles and groups in your organization.

Facilitates informed decision making

Provides investigators critical insight when choosing the next best action. Uses analytics to connect the dots and surface critical case insights hidden in large volumes of silos of unstructured data.

Reduces the time to deploy

Provides a flexible shared framework to easily build, deploy, and scale custom case investigation solutions. Reusable templates, elements and configurations propagate best practices.

Increases value to clients

Enables timely case investigation by providing a persistent solution to access and capture key data fast and anywhere. Uses the power of analytics to deliver superior case insights.

Six reasons to use IBM Case Manager for Investigations

  • Empower investigators to work more efficiently
  • Streamline the complex investigations process
  • Reduce investigation time with powerful analytics
  • Break down information silos
  • Reduce investigative time and costs
  • Strengthen your organizational processes