Feature spotlights

Standards-compliant ODBC and JDBC

Provides usage patterns, enabling developers to access databases using products or tooling that require ODBC or JDBC.

Point queries

Enables short, rapid queries that search by key word or key ranges. Uses HBase for point queries and rapid insert, and to update and delete workloads.

Apache Spark integration

Integrates with Spark for easier data delivery and faster processing. Provides an ANSI-compliant SQL parser that can run 99 TPC-DS queries and structured streaming with new APIs.

Federation capabilities

Uses a single database connection, enabling you to access big data across Hadoop and relational databases, whether they are on the cloud, on premises or both. Includes Fluid Query capabilities to enhance virtualization with data warehouses. You can also federate with object store and WebHDFS.

Compatibility with multiple SQL dialects

Understands SQL dialects from offerings such as IBM Db2 and Oracle databases. This helps support RDBMS offloading, and ensures fast and easy consolidation. Big data can be offloaded from existing enterprise data warehouses or data marts to free up capacity, while preserving most of the familiar SQL code.

Available on IBM Power

Supports IBM Open Power servers, enabling clients to run SQL and Spark on a family of advanced Linux servers.

Hybrid Flex

IBM Hybrid Data Management Platform allows you to leverage all available data, no matter the type, source or structure. Simply purchase IBM FlexPoints and allocate towards multiple resources with a single, subscription-based license.

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