Illuminate risks and opportunities

The supply chain professional can now make better decisions through a proactive, predictive and innovative supply chain.

Watson Supply Chain

The new era of supply chain begins now

Unleash the power of Watson Supply Chain to create a transparent, intelligent and predictive supply chain.

See why Lenovo is looking to IBM Supply Chain Insights as their end-to-end platform

Supply Chain Optimization offerings

Supply Chain Insights

Cognitive capability: Resolution rooms

Leverage cognitive technology, trained in supply chain, to provide comprehensive search, visibility and insights across the entire supply chain. With Supply Chain Insights, organizations can predict, assess and mitigate disruptions and risks and optimize the supply chain to deliver greater value to the business.

Supply Chain Business Network

AI capability: Business transaction

Simplify B2B connectivity and leverage AI document correlation technologies for deep visibility into B2B transaction lifecycles. Reduce time to value by up to 85 percent with the ability to search and see the full lifecycle of a transaction in real time and in context of the entire transaction.

Order Management and Fulfillment

Efficiently provide customers what they want, where and when they want it, through real-time global inventory visibility, sophisticated sourcing and fulfillment logic across all channels, and intelligent linking of inventory to demand.