Increase reliability

Analyst research conducted for IBM has shown that a consolidated edge gateway solution can reduce your average cost per transfer from $7.93 to $2.30.

Aberdeen eBook: Flash Forward: Putting MFT in Perspective

If the file transfer fails, the business process fails

Secure the edge

Security remains the number one issue that limits the effectiveness of organizations’ existing file transfer systems. It's time to step-up your security game.

Lack of file transfer security is a risk to your brand

The big 5 questions to ask about enterprise file gateway

Scale for growth

With our trading partner base growing rapidly, we were looking for a gateway that could manage our edge-of-network activity.

Rabobank case study

Ten questions to ask your vendor about file gateway consolidation

Are you ready for an enterprise file gateway?


Increase the reliability of the flow of file-based information to key business processes


Reduce the security exposure in moving key data inside and outside the organization


Scale to support rapid growth in volume, size and number of connections