Detect and prevent online fraud and malicious activity

IBM® Tealeaf® CX captures and preserves digital customer interactions in real time. Once detected, suspected fraudsters can be automatically blocked from site access, and companies can wait to fulfill transactions pending further investigation.

The insurance industry loses USD 80 billion a year to fraud¹

E-commerce fraud rates rose 33% in 2016²

Travel companies lose about 0.44% of annual revenues to online fraud³

How Tealeaf users move faster than criminals to detect fraudulent activity

“By reacting fast to detect and prevent payouts to fraudsters, we can avoid costs, reduce our exposure to risk and offer competitive premiums.”

—Spokesperson, leading insurer

How can Tealeaf CX help your company manage fraud?

  • Perform forensic investigations to explore data traffic and look for unusual behavior or patterns in account numbers, IP addresses, email addresses, credit card numbers and purchases.
  • Your cybersecurity manager can instantly replay fraudulent site visits through the eyes of the “enemy” to zero in on areas vulnerable for fraud in the customer journey.
  • Identify patterns based on validated fraud scenarios as a basis for real time alerts to prevent similar activity in the future.
  • Only Tealeaf CX retains a complete record of every interaction made by an online customer for ongoing audit and record-keeping purposes, and provides comprehensive, long-term data for ongoing analysis of potential fraud and online security violations.

Learn how we help enable you to detect and manage malicious activity online