Visit us at Think and discover how to reimagine your business in the era of AI

No one cares more about your customers than you. Make every brand experience exceed their expectations. Match your most innovative vision with IBM Watson Customer Engagement.

At Think we’ll show you how you can use artificial intelligence (AI) right now to:

  • Simplify, connect and automate every customer engagement process, system and workflow.
  • Empower marketing, commerce and supply chain professionals with a continuous stream of real-time, actionable insights to hyper-personalize every customer experience.
  • Get a 360-degree view of your business to proactively mitigate disruption and risk, and drive unprecedented advantage to win in your industry.

Join us in the Business and AI Campus at Think

Hear from 40+ top Watson Customer Engagement clients

– including GAVL, Ingersoll Rand, JJ Keller and other leaders – that are transforming experiences with AI

Connect directly with the brilliant IBM minds behind market-changing solutions using AI, Blockchain, IoT, cloud, IT infrastructure, security and more.

Get hands-on experience with Watson Customer Engagement solutions in 12-plus Think Academy labs, and in our Think Tanks in the Business and AI Campus.

Hear from IBM Chairman, President and CEO Ginni Rometty. Don’t miss the keynote from Inhi Suh, General Manager, IBM Watson Customer Engagement.

Think will bring together the best of all our legacy events such as Amplify and Interconnect, to connect you to all the Watson Customer Engagement experts and experiences you need to drive exponential value for your business this year. 

Learn how AI and Watson Customer Engagement solutions can help your business

Deliver personalized journeys to each shopper

Take a closer look at how Watson Marketing proactively surfaces new insights enabling more effective campaigns and personalized customer experiences. See how art and science merge to drive innovation in ways never before possible.

Deliver extraordinary omnichannel experiences

See how Watson Commerce can be used to create superior experiences for your customers. Watson is trained to understand segmentation, search, personalization, fulfillment routes, merchandise sequencing and pricing, and is ready to augment your team's growth initiatives.

Experience the power of supply chain optimization

Watson Supply Chain can help you extend digital connections across all channels, for greater visibility and transparency into inventory and fulfillment operations. Learn how to predict and mitigate disruptions, profitably make and keep promises, and drive collaboration and innovation, while reducing costs.