Roadmap for Watson Campaign Automation and Real-Time Personalization

Successful personalized marketing is critical for achieving goals and creating great relationships with customers. Now truly personal marketing across digital channels comes to life. Learn about IBM's vision for SaaS marketing innovations. See new capabilities, preview new user experiences, and learn how the power of Watson and cognitive technology can make your digital marketing platform of choice function more like a true member of your marketing team.

Go beyond email with mobile, social, weather and UBX

See how Watson Campaign Automation can help you go beyond email through its support for mobile and social marketing channels. Learn how rich data from weather and a large IBM Business Partner ecosystem can help you drive great marketing results. Covered are the platform's current capabilities and the roadmap planned for 2018. Leave the session empowered with knowledge about how to take your marketing to the next level.

IBM Marketing software: The road ahead

Get insights into upcoming releases for IBM Marketing software and what’s ahead for planned releases in 2018. This session zooms in on planned cognitive use cases and product-specific enhancements requested by customers and defined by our product teams. This talk is for both existing customers who want to learn more about our roadmap, and new customers who want to learn about the solutions and which business challenges they solve.

Integrated digital marketing automation research: User experience

Explore what it means to succeed in a new era of digital marketing automation. Join us to test and discuss what's possible when marketing assets and live campaign data are integrated into your automation platform.

Use collaboration to achieve great mobile experiences across the team

How much insight do you currently gain from your mobile app user interactions? With Watson Customer Experience Analytics Mobile, you will have access to enriched insights to automate your decision-making process and speed up your mobile design and experience transformation. Hear from the product management, engineering and UX design teams to learn how to make your mobile initiatives more successful through great collaboration.

Understanding your customers across devices and channels

A customer journey is a path through the information and touch points your customer takes on the way to buy, apply, sign up or donate. Understanding customers' mindsets across online and offline channels can give a competitive edge. This lab demonstrates how to employ Watson Customer Experience Analytics to take customer analytics to the next level — from analyzing user paths and conversions to user experiences and mindsets.

Know your customers better with Watson Customer Experience Analytics

Understand the what and why of customer behavior. Watson Customer Experience Analytics is an integrated platform for measuring clicks, traffic sources, conversion rates, session replays, heat maps, journey paths, mindsets and more. It enables you to combine data from digital and offline experiences, web, mobile app and point of sale. Join us to learn what we’ve been working on and the innovations we have planned for 2018.

Revealing behaviorally-based audiences with Watson Marketing Insights

Customers are what they do. Traditional, rules-based segmentation techniques provide a critical foundation — but customer behaviors tell a much richer story and foreshadow what may happen next. Watson Marketing Insights uses the power of cognitive to surface insights about your customers and reveal dynamic, behavior-based target audiences so your customer engagements can be more timely, relevant and in sync with signals the customer is sending you.

Watson Marketing AI Insights with Struggle Analytics 2.0

Test Struggle Analytics 2.0, our latest AI offering. The update to Customer Experience Analytics gives you the ability to analyze different struggle factors on your application pages. Several struggle factors are provided with the system, or you can create factors based on events. Set thresholds for sending alerts when the analyzed struggle score exceeds a set score for a specified percentage of the sessions.

Meet the new Watson Customer Engagement experience

With offerings across Marketing, Commerce and Supply Chain, Watson Customer Engagement enables you to efficiently navigate across products, receive global notifications and personalize your experience. This session shows how you can predict and plan segments, then execute tailored campaigns across all channels through one central access point. See the cognitive abilities available to help you procure relevant data and complete day-to-day tasks.

User experience: Managing plan data with IBM Universal Behavior Exchange

IBM Universal Behavior Exchange syndicates customer behavior data in context between two or more marketing applications in real time. This session tests data plan management design usability and is a great opportunity to learn more about the solution.

User experience: Managing plan data with IBM Universal Behavior Exchange (25:56)

Explore Watson Content Hub: A cognitive-powered, next-generation CMS

Leverage the cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson to understand and better manage your content. A centralized content management system can power your omnichannel experiences like web, mobile, email and conversational touch points like Alexa and IoT devices. Integrate content within your applications, including modern front-end and mobile applications, while seamlessly using the power of a content delivery network.

Applying AI to deliver better digital experiences

Learn how to harness and optimize increasing amounts of digital assets and content to help deliver persuasive experiences with AI. See how adding AI to existing digital experience platform investments can help you do more.

Applying AI to deliver better digital experiences (19:26)

Do more with AI-assisted digital experience platform

Organizations must ensure consistent and engaging experiences regardless of the digital entry point. IBM Digital Experience Platform can help you categorize growing amounts of digital assets and content automatically.

Do more with AI-assisted digital experience platform (31:26)