Omni-channel isn't a business strategy, it's survival

Your customers expect what they want, when, and where they want it—and you want to meet their expectations without breaking the bank.

of consumers choose a retailer based on omni-channel capabilities

higher cost to serve the omni-channel customer

of sales revenue goes toward order fulfillment

Omni-channel fulfillment doesn't have to hurt the bottom line

By addressing these three challanges, you can deliver profitable omni-channel service that delights your customers, delivers orders at the speed they want and gives you a competitive advantage.

Consolidate inventory

  • Increase inventory sell-through
  • Reduce markdowns

Maximize efficiency

  • Analyze and simulate scenarios
  • Balance cost and service

Minimize cost-to-serve

  • Optimize capacity utilization
  • Make adjustments dynamically without IT

Ready to make happy customers while minimizing cost-to-serve?

What's your cost to serve for omni-channel fulfillment?

Learn how you can measure the impact of omni-channel fulfillment, eliminate unnecessary complexity and cut costs.

How can you profitably fulfill across channels?

Learn how you can profitably deliver across channels with intelligent fulfillment from IBM.

How does it all come together?

Satisfy your costumers and protect your profits with help from Order Management Insights and Order Optimizer.

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Maximize efficiency

  • Analyze and simulate scenarios
  • Balance cost and service

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