Deliver memorable experiences

For the brand that wants to build loyalty, omni-channel commerce enables you to create personalized experiences at every moment in the buyer’s journey.


Checklist: Essentials for eCommerce Success

Do you have what it takes to succeed in the ultra-competitive digital marketplace?


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Digital Commerce

Deliver exceptional customer buying experiences with a high performance omni-channel commerce solution.

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Commerce Insights

Cognitive capability: Intelligent sequencing and anomaly detection

Gain actionable insights into product and category performance, enabling quick and effective decision making. Adapts dynamically to changes in categories, product attributes and behaviors, and recommends the best possible actions.

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Store Engagement

Provide store associates with mobile tools that help engage customers and deliver a seamless, highly personalized in-store buying experience.

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Configure, Price, Quote

Provides a differentiating customer experience by simplifying the order process from quote to cash, ensuring the correct products, services and bundles are purchased.

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Promotion Optimization

Streamline, automate and track your promotion management activities with a fully integrated promotion planning platform.

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