What does IBM Watson Assistant for Connected Spaces do?

IBM® Watson™ Assistant for Connected Spaces offers a customized digital assistant to provide a differentiated and personalized experience for hotel guests. The digital concierge is private, secure, and can:

  • Introduce itself and provide information about the hotel and its services.
  • Learn about your guest and develop a rich cognitive profile based on their interactions, orders, room settings, special requests and other preferences.
  • Understand context and anticipate guest needs by offering helpful suggestions at the right time, some of them driving new revenue.


Uses IBM Watson to understand natural language and context, for an engaging user experience that can be embedded in many different form factors throughout the hotel.


Is able to initiate conversations at the right time and place, driving deeper engagement and becoming essential to the guest.

Deep customer insights

Enables you to be in control of the entire customer experience, own the customer data and benefit from the insights gained through deeper customer interactions.

IBM Watson Assistant for Connected Spaces

  • Save resources and reduce waste
  • Deliver personalized guest experiences
  • Use data to better serve your guests
  • Increase loyalty and drive app adoption
  • Upsell services

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Add a new venue
Add a new venue
Edit an existing venue
Edit an existing venue
View the request queue
View the request queue

Which option is right for you?

  • Devices

    The most common billing unit is an Entity ID, it represents a device within the cloud service such as a connected hotel room.

  • Usage

    Alternatively, access to the digital assistant may be billed by usage. Digital Interactions represent a unique session within the cloud service.