IBM Toolkit for Swift - Linux on z Systems details

Swift 3.1.1 compiler (4.0.2 compiler in Community Edition)

Deploy your applications to the Linux on IBM z Systems environment. The Swift compiler translates your Swift source code into efficient, executable machine code. It comes with the standard library.

Swift Runtime

Execute Swift applications in the Linux on z Systems environment.

Swift Core Libraries

Provides powerful tools that developers can depend upon, including the Foundation, libdispatch, and XCTest libraries for the Linux on z Systems environment.

Swift LLDB debugger

Aid in problem determination in application development by enabling accurate inspection of Swift types as well as full-featured expression evaluation.

Swift Package Manager

Simplify the distribution of Swift source code by automating the process of downloading, compiling, and linking dependencies.

A sample Swift application based on Kitura

A sample application that demonstrates various features of Kitura, a light-weight web framework that allows you to easily build web services with complex routes.

Technical details

Software requirements

Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS for IBM Z systems

    Hardware requirements

    IBM Z servers that support the Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS for IBM Z systems

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