Feature spotlights

Deep open source software expertise

When it comes to open source software support, we offer extensive breadth, depth and reach. We have more than 18 years of Open Source Software skills expertise and credentials – and have partnered with Rogue Wave to deliver even deeper expertise. This service provides access to more than 7,000 skilled open source software consultants.

Enhance IT availability by using a global infrastructure

IBM® Technology Support Services - Open Source provides a proactive approach to technical support and maintenance. These services are designed to reduce and even eliminate many incidents before they occur – to ultimately help you save time and money over the long term. Using this approach, we are able to resolve 75 percent of software problems remotely – and have first-call hardware success rates of 94 percent.

Take advantage of customizable service options

IBM Technology Support Services - Open Source gives you around-the-clock coverage with shorter response times. We can customize support terms, billing options and practically any other aspect of service delivery – according to your needs and budget requirements. Our process is designed to begin with an understanding of your business requirements, develop a customized service plan to support your needs and adjust our plans accordingly – as your needs change and as unexpected events arise.

Single point of contact

If an issue arises with your open source software packages (or any other supported equipment), support is covered under a single contract, enabling IBM to address the issue holistically. By providing a single point of contact, we can help you reduce the complexities of managing support from multiple vendors and mitigate risks with global coverage and local language support.

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