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Consistent analytics for all customer touch points

Central analytics and recommendation engine that ingests data from any relevant data sources. Customer profiles are therefore both deep and broad, and the modeling of this rich data generates highly targeted 'next best action' recommendations that can feed into all your customer systems. That allows you to provide a continuous and consistent experience across all touch points and across the customer life cycle.

Automated actions

The solution can be configured to ingest, analyze and push out recommendations ad-hoc, at regular intervals or triggered by certain data or events such as a customer’s inbound interaction, a new campaign being available or external factors such as a weather forecast. That gives you the power to continuously anticipate and respond to new opportunities and challenges, without relying on human resources for every action.

Tightly integrated platform

The solution consists of leading advanced analytics, optimization, business rules management, collaboration and reporting components as well as connectors. They come pre-integrated, allowing you to benefit from IBM’s experience and investment and gain fast time to value.

Integration with Universal Behavior Exchange

One of the significant integrations is with IBM’s Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX). UBX is powered by an open ecosystem of social, mobile, CRM and paid advertising solution providers. This allows Predictive Customer Intelligence users to easily configure ingestion from this vast ecosystem of data sources, while the ability to push recommended audience lists into UBX has already been pre-configured for fast time to value.

Real-time scoring to reflect context

Up-to-date customer profiles are maintained in the solution to identify the best audience for an inbound or outbound campaign. The customer profiles can be updated and the recommendations obtained in real-time to address an emerging opportunity, so you can always rely on the ‘next best action’ recommendation to reflect the individual’s context and provide a relevant and compelling experience.

Leverage big data sources for speed and scale

Allowing you to tap into any available data source, regardless of variety, velocity and volume provides you with an extreme refinement of your customer insights. This allows you to fine-tune the recommendations to reflect every known and inferred (modeled) aspect of the customer and to optimize your brand’s response to every opportunity.

Interfaces for all user types

Consistently delivering successful customer engagements takes a village. The solution allows your data scientists and business analysts to explore the rich scope of the analytics platform to support their internal clients’ customer analytics needs, responding to ad-hoc queries and deploying repeatable analytics processes into production. Meanwhile, execs, marketers, customer service agents and sellers can tap into the insights to inform their strategies or guiding a live customer interaction.

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