What it can do for your business

IBM® Aspera® Enterprise Server is an industry standard software solution for moving large files, directories and data sets over wide area networks (WANs) with unrivaled Aspera performance. Built on the patented Fast, Adaptive and Secure Protocol (FASP), Aspera Enterprise Server delivers maximum data transfer throughput, independent of distance and network conditions, and can scales significantly by enabling on-demand cloud storage and computing capacity.

Global file transfers

Reliably transfer, distribute and sync files or entire directories with between sites and users globally, despite size or network conditions.

Enterprise-wide file movement

Create a centralized file repository accessed at high-speed via a self-installing browser plug-in, desktop client, command line, or your own applications.

Content/data gathering and distribution

Enable outside organizations to easily contribute or download digital content via secure, reliable, high-speed file transfers.

High-speed file transfer backbone

Use Aspera APIs to enable fast file uploads and downloads for third party applications such as digital asset management systems and media content portals.

Transfer automation

Automate an organization's routine transfers as well as pre- and post-delivery file processing.

Key features

  • Universal file transfer capabilities
  • Fast, reliable transfers of virtually any size files
  • File-based workflow automation
  • Versatile administrative options
  • Flexible features