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The IBM information on this site is specific to the following State of Mississippi contract:  

IT Hardware Express Products List (EPL) 3760

EPL Expiration Date: June 30, 2023

The purchase limit is $200,000 per project per fiscal year (July – June) for the IT Hardware EPL without additional approval from ITS. Regardless of the dollar limit, the customer MUST obtain quotations from two or more EPL Sellers. Any entity using this EPL must abide by the current published IT Hardware EPL 3760 Instructions for Use document even if the entity is not under ITS purview.

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For questions about this contract, please contact:

Eric Rice

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Link to the IBM Reseller Group page on ITS website:

IBM Reseller Group
Contract Details

The IBM State of Mississippi IT Hardware Express Products List (EPL) 3760 consist of IBM Servers and Storage offerings as well as related support software.  Details of the use of this contract, can be found on the following State of Mississippi EPL Interactive site:

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