VA VICCS - VA Veterans Intake, Conversion, and Communications Services
Contract Number: 36C10E19D0018
Contract Summary

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Veterans Intake, Conversion and Communications Services (VICCS) Contract # 36C10E19D0018 is a  5-year IDIQ contract to provide a range of services in support of the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA).

Contract Scope

The VICCS Contract focuses on Managed Services to include:

  • Performing intake services
  • Performing tracking, handling and management of all source materials
  • Performing conversion services
  • Performing inbound and outbound mail management
  • Facilitating transaction processing / case management
  • Performing centralized outbound services
  • Developing training and communications materials for change management
  • Assisting VA with development and documentation of business processes, rules, and tools to create and / or to improve the following:
    • Data analytics and business process intelligence
    • Data visualization
    • Inbound / outbound mail processing
    • Document taxonomy management
    • Document processing / editing tools
    • New business rules creation for new business processes
    • Business rules management
    • Forms development and modification
  • Performing analysis using the developed business processes, rules, and tools
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