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Chris Choby

Navy Account Leader
IBM Global Business Services US Federal
Phone: 202-321-4857

Our Quality Assurance program is embedded in the IBM Worldwide Project Management Method (WWPMM) which defines the way projects are managed throughout IBM. The methods that comprise WWPMM are based on decades of experience derived from many different types of projects in a variety of constituencies.

WWPMM is sponsored by the Project Management Center of Excellence to support a Corporate Executive Committee directive to design and implement a single, common project management method for IBM projects and programs worldwide.

Inside IBM, three separate "Practices" are published as IBM Internal standards documents that define the minimum set of rules that must be implemented on every project. Each IBM constituency may add to these practices to build its IBM Policy for Project Management (PM Policy).

The details of the WWPMM methodology are described by the documentation for the four interrelated components: the project management (PM) work patterns, the PM domains, the PM work products, and the PM system.

The most important concepts in WWPMM and their interrelationships are: General project management; Project, program, and portfolio manager responsibility; Project organization; Defining and planning; Quality, risk, and change management; and the Value of project management.