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Contract Overview

Contract overview, terms and conditions

The NETCENTS-2 Application Services acquisition provides a vehicle for customers to access a wide range of services such as sustainment, migration, integration, training, help desk support, testing and operational support. Other services include, but are not limited to, exposing data from Authoritative Data Sources (ADS) to support web-services or Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) constructs in AF enterprise environments. Through this vehicle, the contractor shall develop content delivery and presentation services and new mission applications that operate in netcentric enterprise environments that exploit SOA infrastructures. This contract shall support legacy system sustainment, migration and the development of new mission capabilities and applications. The focus of this contract is to provide application services support to mission areas, as overseen by portfolio managers, Communities of Interest (COIs), project offices, and program offices.

Specific standards, guidance, and applicable documents within this contract are written with the intent of accomplishing Air Force and IC netcentric strategies. These strategies will evolve over time and, when appropriate, the AF will revise and replace standards accordingly. The contractor shall conform to Air Force strategies and visions and adhere to associated standards. If used by other agencies and departments for the same purpose, they may specify and substitute other standards, guidance, and applicable documents within their task orders that are appropriate to provide solutions tailored to meet their netcentric strategies.

Use of the Application Services contract may be available to DoD and Other Federal Agencies when any of the following criteria exists:

  • is related to requirements for interoperability with Air Force capabilities;
  • supports Air Force IT infrastructure, applications, or operations;
  • supports host-tenant arrangements involving Air Force units; or
  • supports joint operations or solutions.

The Air Force reserves the right to restrict use of this contract and to disallow DoD and other Federal Agencies from using this contract.

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