IBM Team

The IBM Team

The IBM Team brings an expansive network of talented personnel experienced in the world's leading, proven, and most advanced IT solutions across all the ITES-2S task areas (PDF, 33 KB). This service is provided in response to the Army's need for continuous progress. As such, IBM has formed a team to provide a complete solution that achieves the Army's single network vision, at the intersection of the multifaceted ITES-2S vehicle and our comprehensive approach to ITES-2S. The key elements of our approach are:

  • Industry-Leading Solutions. The team's recognized, proven, high quality and innovative solutions are the engine that drives the changes the Army needs to transform its enterprise. The Army has made great strides towards achieving the Enterprise Infostructure. The progress achieved under the Army CIO G6, NETCOM, and PEO EIS leadership to implement the AEI initiative is impressive. This progress is evidenced by the success of the LandWarNet initiative, the emerging NETOPS environment, and supported by such efforts as the ANOSC/C-TNOSC modernization, AKO, BCKS, I3MP, Microsoft ELA, Active Directory implementation, ITES-EMS3, Single DOIM, IAVM, TECHCON, IT Portfolio Management, Asset Management, BMMP, and numerous on-going business application modernization initiatives.
  • Effective Operational Model. Leveraging ITES-EMS3 and MMAD-1 knowledge and experience, we have an exceptional operational model to aggressively promote and market the vehicle, track opportunities, facilitate easy ordering, quickly respond to task orders, and manage task order delivery. Moreover, the depth of Army and DoD presence across our 30 company team is a tangible advantage to understanding the Army's needs, promoting the valuable services offered, and driving task order to ITES-2S. Our effective operation of the ITES-2S vehicle will drive ITES-2S to be the preferred source of supply for IT service procurements across the Army, DoD, and other federal agencies.
  • A Committed Partnership. We work diligently with the Army and the Army Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) to support mission goals through promoting performance-based contracting (PBC), timely and accurate data reporting, use of ASCP hardware and software contracts, and promoting the vehicle across the federal government. This partnership helps Army organizations meet their transformation milestones. Moreover, as a statement of our commitment, we have correlated strong quality measures and metrics to the achievement of objectives that we use to evaluate overall performance.

The IBM Team includes industry leaders who bring extensive Army and DoD-specific knowledge and experience. The work performed under the ITES-2S contract is IBM's core business. The IBM Team has the tremendous capabilities, is strongly committed and is well prepared to turn the Army's single Army Network vision into reality. We are committed to the Army's ITES vision. We have a powerful team with the right capabilities and solutions that satisfy the Army's needs and requirements for ITES-2S.

Team Members

Team members

IBM is the world's most experienced IT services provider. IBM is independently recognized for delivering state-of-the-market solutions for every ITES-2S task area with over 150,000 IT professionals worldwide.