Enterprise IT Policy and Planning

The IBM Team provides the technical, management and analytical services required for tasks such as policy and architecture development for enterprise system management; coordination of solution implementations across the enterprise to ensure adoption of enterprise policies, doctrine, directives, regulations and instructions; and development of new and revised security policies and techniques to meet changes in enterprise threat analysis, and to leverage advances in security technology. Work will support the planning, development, and implementation of Army's IT systems and resources within the framework of Army enterprise initiatives, NETCOM Networthiness program, Army Knowledge Management (AKM) program, and the DoD integration framework to ensure solution sustainability, supportability and interoperability.

Services & Descriptions

Strategy and Policy Development

Provides technical services to support the Government in developing policies and standards to meet the emerging technical and business needs of the enterprise. Provides services such as: strategic planning, policy/procedure analyses and development. Inputs into the strategy planning and policy development include market studies, alternative analyses, cost/benefit and economic analyses, feasibility studies, technology evaluations, threat analyses, and organizational analyses.

Programmatic Support

Provides technical support, and programmatic guidance and oversight to departments and agencies engaged in IT system implementations or operations. Provides services such as: implementation plan reviews; MOU/MOAs development; policy and procedure reviews; engineering design analyses; risk mitigation; issue management; evaluation or development of training plan and materials; documentation reviews.

Implementation Tracking and Improvement

Provides analytical support services to track implementation of policies, report results and provide continuous improvement feedback to the enterprise policy development effort. Provides services such as: implementation studies, department and agency surveys, analysis of policy and procedure effectiveness, cost/benefit analyses, program and enterprise report development, and policy and process improvement recommendations.

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