Asset Management

The IBM Team provides asset management services to support tasks such as development and implementation services to enhance NETCOM's ongoing efforts to build and field the Army Enterprise Information-Repository (AEI-R) and Theater Asset Repositories (TAR); providing data and process reengineering with existing systems and organizations in order to support the emerging standards set by NETCOM and the AEI-R; managing organizations' asset tagging, tracking, deployment, maintenance and refresh cycles in accordance with the AEI-R. The asset management process will include support for technology refreshment and associated productivity enhancements; reduced product costs by accurately identifying the asset base requiring software licenses, maintenance, and software services; integration with help desk and logistics/acquisition systems; and reduced administrative costs through the introduction of standardization, remote management, and software distribution.

Services & Descriptions

Technology Acquisition

Provides a suite of acquisition support services to support efficient processing and reduced administrative support required to purchase known technology components and quantities. Provides an array of services for implementation of tools, processes and best commercial practices to support The Government's procurement and order processing fulfillment process of identified technology components (including government or contractor owned equipment).


Management and Control

Provides asset management and control services to enable The Government to identify and track IT resources. Provides services, tools and processes for asset repository database development and administration; configuration management; asset tagging, data storage and tracking of acquired technology components. These processes and related services relate to both newly acquired assets, and legacy assets that need to be captured within an asset repository database (e.g., NETCOM's Army Enterprise Infostructure-Repository and Theater Asset Repositories).


Technology and Deployment

Provides a wide range of technology deployment services to enable to successful distribution and insertion of IT assets into the Government info/infrastructure. Provides services, tools and processes to support streamlined asset distribution, distribution of deployment instructions, asset deployment (see also Technology Insertion) and record updates (e.g., location, date of installation).


Maintenance and Technology Refresh

Provides oversight and management services to support the maintenance and technology refresh process for Government IT assets. Utilizes IBM best practice asset management tools, processes to provide services such as remote monitoring; technology moves, additions and changes (M/A/C); utilization, depreciation and disposition reporting; exception/issue management; and technology evaluations (e.g., cost analyses, upgrade analyses, product support, alternative analyses) supporting the Technology Acquisition phase and services. Includes ability to use information from the asset management tool and activities to support Total Cost of Ownership objectives.

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