Financial and Business Solutions (FABS)
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FABS services

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SIN 520-1 - Program Financial Advisor Services

Program financial advisory services includes addressing issues and considerations associated with the overall development and management of an asset sales program taking a global view of an agency's asset portfolio and provides advice and assistance on how to manage, dispose, and/or resolve the agency's various assets. This includes providing insight and notice of concerns in time for remedies to be developed and installed. This program can develop materials and/or conduct training of agency personnel, subcontractors and/or investors/buyers. Potential training topics may be any general, specific, or technical topic related to asset sales.
Equity oversight and monitoring provides technical and advisory services to ensure that our clients maximize the net present value of its financial interest in its equity partnerships. This includes providing the services of an equity monitor contractor to execute Cash Management, Asset Management, and Investor Reporting. Equity oversight usually incorporates several separate tiers of accountability. Each tier specifies the role of a specific entity in monitoring the performance of another entity active in the equity transaction. This structure essentially establishes an organized system of oversight checks and balances.

SIN 520-11 - Accounting

Accounting services include the full spectrum of types of assistance Government financial managers need. They include transaction support, policy and procedure interpretation and development, accounting process improvement, and audit issue resolution.

SIN 520-12 - Budgeting

Budgeting services include, but are not limited to, assessing and improving the budget formulation and execution processes and conducting special reviews to resolve budget formulation or execution issues.

SIN 520-13 - Complementary Financial Management Services

IBM is the unquestioned leader in providing full-service financial management support to financial managers throughout the Government. Following is a representative sample in these services.

  • Managerial Cost Accounting - Assist agencies in implementing the requirements of SFFAS No.4
  • Financial Policy Formulation and Development - Assist agencies in developing capitalization policies, desk-level procedures, and business rules
  • Special Cost Studies - Conduct myriad of special studies, including cost/benefit analysis, program feasibility studies, and cost allocation techniques
  • Quality Assurance Assistance - Conduct reviews to confirm compliance with laws, regulations, and agency standards
  • Benchmarking of Financial Activities - Compare agency practices to "best in class" to identify opportunities to strengthen business practices
  • Financial Process Reengineering - Review and map existing practices and determine opportunities for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of operations
  • Financial Outsourcing - Assist agencies by conducting a segment of their operations
  • Account Reconciliations - Perform detailed reconciliations of accounts, contracts, and other financial data
  • Activity-Based Costing - Help agencies realign cost accumulation techniques to identify value-added and non-value-added processes

In addition to these services, IBM supports Federal agencies in many other ways:

  • Accounting & Financial Reporting Services
  • Financial Management Systems Services
  • Planning, Budgeting & Performance Services
  • Management Support Audit Services
  • Business Assurance Services