Contract Summary

Contract Overview

SETI (Systems Engineering, Technology, and Innovation) is a new multiple-award task order contract (MATOC) vehicle for the Department of Defense (DOD). It is based on innovation as a priority to solve the complex IT engineering and developmental requirements for DISA and its mission partners. SETI will consolidate and streamline critical engineering expertise to research, design, develop, implement, integrate, and optimize DOD IT capabilities, systems, and solutions.


IBM DISA SETI Program team



IBM Capabilities Statement

With more than 100 years of proven service to the Federal Government as well as commercial clients, IBM is well qualified and positioned for DISA related to DoD. IBM has a strong position in the IT and business fields providing diverse business industry experience in IT areas ranging from strategy to software to tools.  Innovation at IBM is an integral part of culture with a continued willingness to evolve at a rapid pace to the expanding needs of IT and business culture.  We have responded to the constantly changing market as evidenced by the continued changes to our organization. Our recent acquisition of Red Hat is all about making the cloud more distributed and is just one example of our continued focus on innovation.

IBM also brings a unique commercial perspective, offering the following five factors that can significantly impact Innovation:

  • Significant Innovation Investment
  • Deliberate Human Capital Management
  • Comprehensive Market Scanning
  • Effective Systems Architecture and Engineering
  • Aggressive Risk Management

Our long track record in the use of systems engineering continues to evolve and extend the practice as part of our core business.  IBM is at the forefront of innovation. We invest, we design, we implement—and we are successful.