Pricing Model

Army Private Cloud Pricing Model

IBM has completed a (Fixed) Pricing Workbook and a (Fixed) Pricing Buildup for a specific solution to illustrate our cloud pricing. The MS Excel spreadsheets (containing a worksheet for each table). IBM understands that our proposed CLIN fixed prices are a model for a pricing purchase for FFP type task orders. Cost type cost task orders will be negotiated on a task order basis. For task order proposals that are CPFF, IBM will use its then current; DCAA approved labor and indirect rates to price the task orders. All buildup/prices are subject to the specific RFP requirements.

IBM Contacts

IBM has established a dedicated team to assist you with APC2. Please feel free to contact the appropriate individual below with questions or issues.


IBM Executive Team

  • Joseph Brown  |  Business Development  |  1-720-395-4734  |


IBM APC2 Program Management Office

Government Contacts


  • Dennis P. Kelly 

          Program Manager  |  PM I3C2 CTO, PEO EIS  |  1-703-806-4108  |

  • Babette R. Murphy  

          Contracting Officer  |  EIS ACC - RI  |  1-309-782-5114  |

PM I3C2 CTO, PEO EIS: Program Manager Installation Information Infrastructure – Communications and Capabilities, Chief Technical Officer, Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems

EIS ACC - RI: Enterprise Information Systems Army Contracting Command, Rock Island, IL