IBM named overall market segment leader for learning services, reflecting the ability to meet future client requirements and deliver immediate benefits.


Investing in talent development

Employee skills and training plans have always been essential to human capital and organizational development, but the ability to offer intentional learning experiences is key to winning talent. AI enables personalization by defining the skills needed for success and then building custom employee learning programs. A human-centric business strategy infused with data and AI, empowers leadership development, and allows teams to measure, assess and grow skills for the future.

IBM talent development consultants help organizations build resiliency through a talent strategy that dynamically adapts to changing business needs while fostering a culture of learning


Agile workforce planning

Prioritize skills building and increase the ROI of employees with forward-thinking career coaching that improves retention and succession planning.

Inspired experiences

Increase learning consumption and internal mobility with curated content and personalized learning paths.

Adaptive talent platform

Co-create a tailored solution on a single platform and reduce employee learning costs with the IBM Garage.

KBC develops a skills-driven learning culture

Nearly every industry is experiencing digital disruption, with rapid changes in customer behavior and needs. KBC, a multichannel banking and insurance organization, embraced the need to prepare employees for digital transformation by implementing a digital talent platform with personalized learning and scalable skills training. KBC partnered with IBM to reinvent their workforce strategy and build a skills marketplace that helps employees prepare for the future.

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