Payments modernization

Financial institutions and businesses are looking to modernize their payments platforms and capabilities to reduce their infrastructure costs. The IBM Payments Center™ (IPC) delivers the latest cognitive and AI technologies to drive efficiency and value in payments services.


IPC platform


The shifting world of payments

Adopting to changes with existing payment types or integrating with new ones requires new thinking with payments design and infrastructure. Can your current systems meet the future demands and requirements for the shifting world of payments?

A cognitive platform connecting all the ecosystems players

The IPC is connected to the evolving payments ecosystem, allowing for collaboration and innovation in new ways using new tools. Partnering across the ecosystem provides opportunities to jointly strategize and creatively address payments requirements and solutions.

The value of outsourcing payment processing

Outsourcing to the IPC allows for enterprises to potentially reduce the high capital and operational costs associated with payment systems development and processing. Since the IPC shares the cost of commoditized payments services with other participants, it benefits the entire ecosystem.

IBM and SWIFT for global financial messages

The IBM Service Bureau for SWIFT provides the flexibility to adopt new services without the burden of keeping up with changing network and regulatory requirements. This flexibility offers opportunities to rapidly innovate and stay competitive as market demands evolve.

A developer's approach to payment innovation

The IPC provides developers with a secure sandbox to experiment with payments service development, innovation and collaboration. The sandbox helps developers in test environments to drive faster development and enable rapid consumption of capabilities.

Why IBM Cloud for Financial Services matters

The IPC Payments-as-a-Service platform is delivered on IBM Cloud® for Financial Services™ and designed to address financial institutions’ requirements for regulatory compliance, security and resiliency. These services can help manage the growing cloud risks with security and compliance.

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