Unlock your data and unleash cloud independence

Optimize your IT infrastructure on-premises and in the cloud

Aerial view of oil and gas industry


Enhance data traceability and integration

Oil and gas industry scientists and engineers typically spend nearly 40% of their time looking for, understanding and verifying data before performing complex analysis to derive the insights needed to support business decisions. Further, disparate data with propriety data formats creates challenges when building an integrated view of available data.


The impact of IBM Open Data for Industries Our architecture, security, flexible consumption models and global consulting services accelerate your OSDU journey to data-driven transformation. Empower users

Empower users to autonomously visualize data, collaborate and scale securely.


Reduce complexity

Reduce deployment complexity and boost enterprise productivity through industry-driven standards and open source.



Gain control

Get control over your data and infrastructure that powers critical business applications.

Enhance exploration

Drive consistent, trusted exploration, drilling and production workflows.


Improve innovation

Improve innovation across the enterprise, capitalize on community innovation and fuel competitive advantage.




The OSDU Data Platform The OSDU Data Platform is an open source, cloud-native reference architecture with implementations for Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. Cloud dependence

Deploy optimal IaaS anywhere, leverage multi-vendor models and avoid vendor lock-in for optimized business value.



Cloud and protected on-premises when needed

Protect data sovereignty. Bring your application to where your data resides.

Edge deployment

Deploy closer to where your data is powering applications to capitalize on your organization’s data gravity.

Fully managed SaaS on any cloud

Flexible consumption models – PaaS, SaaS, multicloud(s) or fully managed on IBM Cloud.

Unlock data with open source

Red Hat OpenShift delivers a seamless enterprise-wide development and operational experience anywhere.



Security built-in

Full-stack, full-lifecycle container security and enterprise-grade service levels.


The scope of our core services Developed on industry data standards for seamless integration and data access, the OSDU Data Platform collaborates with oil and gas operators and cloud service providers. Infrastructure landscape and security

Explore cloud hosting and API, security and database design, among others.


Migrate data to the OSDU Data Platform for storage and archiving.


Integrate your existing applications with the OSDU Data Platform for interfacing between both.




Monitor and support exploration and production workflows across all your apps.



Change and government management

Achieve continuous improvement and benefit realization monitoring.

Implementation models

On-premises in local data center Gain scalability, consistency and stability

Full cloud experience running on premises Gain scalability, consistency and stability while obtaining managed Red Hat OpenShift software and localized IBM Cloud Services

Specific in-country public cloud experience Once RedHat OpenShift is ready, the user experience of ODI deployment, usage and management is consistent across all environments

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