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Accelerating client value creation and delivery with accessible, scalable, purpose-built AI tools.
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A new era of business demands a new approach to consulting.

Businesses have never before faced the rate of change that will be imposed by technologies like AI and quantum computing. Leveraging the same technologies that are driving market change, IBM Consulting can deliver value at the speed tomorrow’s enterprises need, today. This transformation starts with a new relationship between consultants and code.  A relationship that helps deliver solutions and value more quickly, repeatably, and cost efficiently. 

Introducing IBM Consulting® Advantage

IBM Consulting Advantage is an AI services platform that allows for easy, customized access to proprietary methods, purpose-built AI assets and models and role-based generative AI assistants.  The platform leverages IBM and partner technology. Regardless of whether you're driving customer transformation and SAP implementations, migrating to Azure or AWS cloud, running application development, using business process outsourcing, or ramping up security, IBM Consulting Advantage helps generate more value from change, faster.  We make it easy to consume and integrate the solutions that are most critical to you based on your existing or future-state environments and processes.

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Benefits Scaling value

IBM IP and preconfigured solutions help consultants go deep and wide to ensuring transformation and value aren’t siloed.

Maximizing partnerships

As one of the world’s largest integrators for SAP, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, Adobe, and other market-leading technology providers, we've purpose-built assets and accelerators to help drive value with your most important partners.

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Enhancing trust

IBM Consulting Advantage is clear about the data it uses, how it's managed, and how it's protected and applied, using transparent practices that make trust a priority and help minimize risk.

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Your work reimagined, powered by AI

Core to the IBM Consulting Advantage Services platform is IBM Consulting Assistants, a library of role-based AI assistants, trained on IBM proprietary data to support key consulting project roles and tasks. Accessed through a conversation-based interface, we've democratized the way consultants use assistants, creating an experience where our people can find, create, and continually refine assistants to meet the needs of our clients faster.

Why IBM Consulting Assistants?
Multiple models. Singular focus on value.

No one model will rule them all.  Purpose-built models are already outperforming larger models on metrics such as accuracy and cost.1  IBM Consulting Assistants allow our consultants to select from the models that best solve your business challenge.  Those models are packaged with pre-engineered prompts and output formats so our people can get tailored outputs to their queries, such as creating a detailed user persona or a code for a specific language and function. The result is that you get more valuable work, faster.  

Outputs you can trust from architecture built for enterprise

Whether working in regulated or non-regulated industries, generative AI for enterprise requires mitigating risk in data used and the outputs created.  IBM Consulting Assistants use an architecture designed for enterprise data, including guardrails that flag sensitive data to enable safe, trusted and unbiased results.  Our consultants can even test for bias on any piece of output to reduce risk and increase trust as you advance your initiatives. 

Help improve results with data you can’t get anywhere else

IBM Consulting Advantage strategy assistants give our consultants access to millions of anonymized survey data points from the IBM Institute for Business Value, so they can evaluate performance against real benchmarks across 19 industries and dozens of business-specific enterprise functions.  This data helps more accurately assess your performance versus the market to understand the scale of the improvements that can be made and create a more accurate valuation of what that could mean for your bottom line.  With more accurate insights, you can better prioritize resources and investments to accelerate your advantage.

Case studies AI for everyone

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It’s like having a virtual assistant that understands my design language, turning ideas into reality. IBM Consulting application developer
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1 MIT researchers make language models scalable self-learners, Rachel Gordon, MIT News, 8 June 2023, (link resides outside