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Reinvent how work gets done by intersecting business and technology transformation to unlock enterprise agility
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Defining, realizing and orchestrating a North Star vision

Emerging technology and social forces are creating new customer experiences that result in changing expectations and demands and disrupt business models. IBM Consulting’s professional services for business help organizations navigate an increasingly dynamic, complex and competitive world by aligning transformation with business strategy to create competitive advantage and a clear focus on business impact.

Build applications that utilize the capabilities of IBM Cloud by integrating DevOps tools and practices.
Benefits 97%  

revenue growth premium for organizations that infuse real-time data and insight in their processes¹


revenue growth premium for tech adopters that invest in ecosystems¹


faster speed to outcomes²

Capabilities Digital business strategy  

Rethink strategic planning to create technology-enabled business strategies that drive impact, from new platform and business models to analytics-driven pricing and marketing.

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Operations strategy  

As a leading business strategy consulting firm, IBM can help you transform core enterprise operations and applications to improve productivity, efficiency and sustainability.

Explore our supply chain consulting services
Technology & data strategy  

Leverage technology, data and market research to modernize systems and transform the operating model to drive agility and business impact.

Read an IBM AI case study for a fashion retailer Explore our data & analytics services
Co-create with IBM Garage™
Ideate, build, measure, iterate and scale solutions seamlessly with our end-to-end framework of design thinking, agile and DevOps practices. Achieve speed-to-value and adopt breakthrough technologies through the partnership created with your team and a diverse set of IBM experts in business, design and technology. Learn more Talk to an IBM Garage expert

To do this though, you have to transform not only technology but also culture, and that’s where we’re looking at the IBM Garage to enable our people to make a difference, to create long-term sustainable value. Shelley Kalms Chief Digital Officer, Woodside Energy Read the story
Case studies Woodside Energy: Steadfast courage in the face of disruption

To decrease operating expenditures in a measured, strategic way, Woodside Energy worked with IBM Consulting on initiatives to scale transformation.

Anthem: Delivering better insights for better health

IBM’s business strategy consultants worked with Anthem, Inc. to migrate from legacy systems to cloud computing, resulting in savings that could be reinvested in innovation.

Strategic partnerships Adobe

IBM and Adobe are helping global clients deliver more personal, flexible and secure customer experiences.

Explore our Adobe capabilities
Amazon Web Services

IBM can help migration to and operation on AWS Cloud and automate across your business to meet evolving market trends.

Explore our AWS capabilities
Microsoft Azure

IBM helps clients tailor a highly-secure hybrid multicloud journey to Microsoft Azure including application modernization and management.

Explore our Microsoft Azure capabilities

IBM offers consulting services for innovative industry and business process solutions by employing Oracle platforms with emerging technologies.

Explore our Oracle capabilities

IBM is a consulting industry leader in using the Salesforce platform to create intelligent experiences to capture new growth opportunities and optimize management processes.

Explore our Salesforce capabilities

IBM provides a full range of services and technology solutions for SAP running on any cloud to reduce costs and increase agility.

Explore our SAP capabilities


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Meet our experts Brent Smolinski

With over 25 years of experience, Brent is the Global Head of Technology and Data Strategy, where he helps organizations transform their businesses using modern technologies like cloud, data, AI, IoT and AR/VR.

Stefano Fanfarillo

As Senior Partner, Stefano brings over 20 years of experience with our clients to define and execute data-driven customer value growth strategies, build new analytics, marketing operations and digital capabilities and adopt agile operating models.

Colleen Walsh

As a Global Enterprise Strategy Partner leading the Industrial sector, Colleen has worked extensively with clients in the oil and gas, financial services, consumer products and life sciences industries, both locally and internationally.

Clarence Mitchell

As Global Enterprise Strategy Leader of the Communications sector, Clarence focuses on high-level initiatives in the telecommunications, media, technology and utilities industries.

Elisabeth Goos

Elisabeth is a Partner for IBM Consulting and the Leader of Sustainability services in the Germany, Austria and Switzerland market.

Vera Kukic

Vera has over 20 years of experience in financial services consulting. As the UK Enterprise Strategy Leader of the Financial Services sector, her expertise ranges from corporate finance to strategy design and implementation to sustainability, operating model design and organization transformation as well as large-scale technology and business transformation.

Gabriel Di Lelle

As Partner, Gabriel leads development and the go-to-market strategy of IBM's Digital Strategy consulting services in the Latin American market, specializing in digital transformation strategy design and execution, platform business models design and execution, cultural and talent transformation, agile at scale and more.

Jordan Scarboro

Jordan is a Lead Partner for Enterprise Agility for IBM Consulting. She has expert industry knowledge of communications as well as energy, environment, and utilities.

Ayumi Kato

Ayumi is a Partner for Enterprise Strategy, focusing on merger & acquisitions and more, as well as the Corporate Strategy Team Lead for Enterprise Strategy in Japan.

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