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It takes more than an innovative idea to achieve blockchain success. Tap into proven design methodologies and composable capabilities that can accelerate positive business outcomes.
Why IBM is a blockchain services leader
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As businesses adjust to a new and unusual sense of normal, having ecosystem-level collaboration and optimization is essential for sustaining continual growth.

Our blockchain consulting services makes this possible by building a scalable, enterprise-grade distributed system for your purposes, using a proven network design framework that drives operational agility while opening new revenue streams.

Operational agility and speed to value
Optimize multiparty workflows around trusted data and accelerate performance across your value chain.
Cost takeout and risk mitigation
Streamline shared processes, increase accountability, minimize disputes and automate reconciliation tasks.
New monetization opportunities
Increase brand trust and sales with product authenticity and open new marketplaces with asset tokenization.
Capabilities At IBM Blockchain Services, we use design-based principles that enable business transformation at the level of markets, industries and ecosystems. Clients are guided through pillar phases of the journey to reach outcome-driven network design. Governance design

Who owns the network? Who owns the data? Our consultants help you design an operational model for the members of your business network — delivering benefits that are fair, democratic, transparent and built to evolve.

Business value design

How does the network make money? The design of your blockchain network business model will include appropriate monetization and incentives to stimulate collaboration between members and generate network effects.

Technology design

How do blockchain’s benefits help people work smarter and better? We design human experiences to inspire mass adoption of new digital products and services, while assuring privacy, trust and security.

Why design matters

The most challenging part about building a blockchain for business network is the business part itself. Learn more about IBM’s industry-leading approach to building business networks.

Discover how IBM helps companies build effective business networks
IBM can help clients navigate their unique challenges to deploy blockchain-fueled solutions in harmony with other emerging technologies. – Saurabh Gupta, President – Research and Advisory Services, HFS Download the HFS repot
Case studies Vaccine distribution

As COVID-19 began to spread, IBM started moving to counter that attack, putting the power of IBM Blockchain to work on the public health crisis of our time. Discover why blockchain is one of our most effective weapons against emergencies such as pandemics.

Learn how IBM Blockchain streamlines vaccine distribution

Designed to bring better information and more transparency to the world of intellectual property, IPwe uses the power of Watson AI to enable tokenization and diversification for patent owners. Brought to you by IBM, which holds more patents than any other company.

Watch the video (03:00) Read the IPwe case study
Home Depot

What’s been received, what has not and who’s to say? Working closely with IBM Blockchain, The Home Depot now has real-time visibility into its inventory, with quick access to shared and trusted information on goods throughout its shipping and receiving process. This helps reduce the number of vendor disputes and accelerates dispute resolution.

Watch: The Home Depot video (02:57) Read The Home Depot case study
Golden State Foods

By leveraging IBM Food Trust™ and IBM Blockchain Services, Golden State Foods is combining blockchain, cognitive analytics and IoT in a new food freshness solution.

Watch the food trust video (02:30) Read the Golden State Foods blockchain story and seven European banks brought their blockchain-based trade finance pilot to IBM Blockchain Services. The network has since scaled to 15 banks, unleashing new trading opportunities for SMEs and untapped operational efficiencies for themselves.

Watch the blockchain trade finance video (03:39)

To keep pace with 5G, Syniverse and IBM Blockchain Services have created a clearing and settlement solution for the wireless industry. Learn how the business and technical experts of IBM Blockchain Services helped them get started.

Watch the blockchain services video (02:45)

Industry leaders are using specialized applications of IBM Blockchain to remove friction, build trust and unlock new value — across industries and around the globe. Select your segment to see how to overcome the challenges you face today.

Resources What is blockchain technology?

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Blockchain resources

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